Who We Are

The GreatGASB Group (GGG) is a consortium of six independent Third Party Administrators (TPA's). Operating on a single integrated system, we offer unlimited capacity nationally with personalized service and support locally.

GGG has regional administrative offices in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Indiana, South Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida and Tennessee with clients in every state.

GGG principals have an average of 24+ years experience in the design, administration and management of employee benefit programs. Independently owned, we are experts at providing customized solutions in all employee benefit categories. GGG currently provides benefit administration for approximately 1 million employee lives whose benefit plans cover $4.5 billion in annual payroll.

What We Do

Retirement Plans:
GGG provides Public Sector Governmental, Educational, 501(c)(3) Non Profit and Church employers with a single source solution for the administration and management of their retirement plans. GGG's operational model supports all aspects of IRS compliance for 403(b), 457(b) and 401(a) plans as well as GASB 43/45. In addition we provide consulting services to help plan sponsors and national vendors find integrated solutions to complex issues that surround retirement benefit options.

Due to the speed and change of regulations that is common today, GGG partners know how important it is to react quickly to retirement plan compliance updates. With our system we are able to quickly adapt to new regulations and implement needed Plan modifications. We assist and help keep your Plan's financial accounting procedures in compliance with the latest tax codes and regulations. In addition, we are there to assist should you ever have an IRS Plan audit.

Heath, Dental, Disability, Flex, COBRA, Communication, Enrollment,
Consolidated Billing:
As TPA's, GGG provides creative health and benefits risk management solutions. We focus on solving problems and reducing employer costs. Many of our solutions are patented processes that have been used successfully by our clients. GGG customers receive comprehensive controlled healthcare benefit solutions that will also consolidate and simplify day to day administration.

Comprehensive wellness strategies, employer and employee incentives, educational curriculums and employee health care coaching are integral to our customized employer plans. We are especially proud of one of our patented and proven health plan models which:
  • will guarantee to reduce the cost of the health care benefit plans now
  • hold the cost level for multiple years
  • improve the benefits for 91% of the employees
  • keep the remaining 9% covered and grateful