Consulting & Plan Design

With over 100 years of aggregate employee benefit plan experience, GGG partners are experts at finding creative solutions that support your business by enhancing your HR processes and managing you benefit programs thus leaving you more time to manage your business. Because we own the administrative foundation for all employee benefit programs we can offer our expertise with the back room to make it work.
  • Conduct a total benefits audit to uncover hidden costs, meaningful new designs and compliance processes to better manage your benefit risk. We offer an option for audit at little or no cost for the study. Please contact us for more information.
  • We understand that your benefits are a cost and “risk category." Our expertise includes medical, dental, life, disability, flex, COBRA, voluntary, and retirement plans. Each of our plan audits will drill down into vendor fees, options and alternatives.
  • If we are unable to reduce your current costs, hold them level for multiple years and deliver better benefits to 91% of your employees while keeping the other 9% still grateful, we have not done our job!
  • Demonstrate and design a multi year strategy that is actionable.
  • Meet your benefit program administrative and financial needs in a manner that will simplify and clarify all current and new corporate goals.
  • Deliver communication, education and enrollment tools to your employees.